Speed is the answer. Our client Canon Europe Océ Printing Systems sells a whole range of digital printing press machines. Most of them are multi-format machines, all of them print incredibly fast. To present these machines in a large-scale in-house event it was Melville's task to create exciting and meaningful content. This content was used for the overall appearance of the location, outside and inside, all decoration and most important, the print results in all possible formats that were printed on the machines these days. Needless to say, that the theme "Speed" fitted the machines' main benefit.

At Melville Brand Design our focus is branding and editorial design. What is quite unique about us is that we are also able to add content and stories to our client's projects. The fascinating images by London-based photographer Horst A. Friedrichs provided the story on the surface. Beyond the printed results we created and organized an evening event that attracted a very similar crowed of fuel-infused city dwellers and motor bikers - similarities to the Speed images were intended.     

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